Our Story

Letgate has been developed for landlords by landlords.

We have all experienced the frustrations of renting, either as a landlord or a tenant. As a tenant, it can be hard to keep track of when rent payments are due and to organise contacting the landlord to report a fault or repair. As a landlord, the organisational challenges are magnified when you add multiple properties and the endless documents, chasing tenants, processes and certifications that are required for today’s rental market.

What if you could channel all your documentation, process and communication via a single and secure portal, tackling your everyday responsibilities quickly and effectively from any location?

Our mission is to give peace of mind to landlords and tenants by providing exactly these services.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of professional landlords, with a wealth of experience in the rental market, alongside IT experts and data analysts who understand how to transform this knowledge to an effective online tool.


Our database expert, driving the Letgate design and blueprint.


Technical Director

Leads our Operations and Finance - supporting with design and development.


Operations Director

Leading and supporting the development team.


Lead Developer

Promoting Letgate, building our online and offline presence.


Marketing Lead

Developing the user experience to be as easy to navigate as possible.


Graphic Design Lead

Making sure the tool is as streamlined as possible.


Testing and Integration Lead

About the Company

We are a UK-based company that has been trading since 2009. We are ICO registered, all data is held securely and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Servers are within the EU, specifically the Republic of Ireland. You can rest assured that your documentation is secure and all databases meet data protection standards.


Our Story

As experienced landlords, who have been renting properties for a number of years whilst holding down full time jobs, we understand the challenges of meeting today’s requirements for renting properties.

Agency fees can be incredibly costly but on the other hand, navigating the world of property rentals and the extensive compliance process on your own can be tricky. Legislation has been designed to protect both the landlord and the tenant but fail to comply and you run the risk of a hefty fine, or worse, legal proceedings from your tenant.

Even for the experienced landlord, it can be difficult to keep abreast of changing legislation and manage contract/certification renewals, inventory, repairs, rent payments and documentation.

This is what prompted us to combine our IT skills and first-hand experience of being landlords to create an intuitive yet comprehensive solution. Letgate handles each aspect of your property rental, saving time, saving resources and ensuring compliance.

Letgate helps us to keep on top of our own rental and we provide our tenants with access to the Letgate Tenant Portal via a well-mounted tablet device so it’s even easier for them to stay in touch. Having a single go-to place for all communication, documentation and information gives them confidence that the tenancy is being managed professionally.