Cost & Benefits

If you are new to the rental market, Letgate provides guidance on good practice and compliance.
If you are an experienced landlord with multiple properties, Letgate is a valuable time and cost-saving tool.

Some of the Benefits…

Never miss a rent payment

This feature benefits both the tenant and the landlord. The tenant will receive a reminder when rent is due and can also view which rent payments have already been made. The landlord can flag when a payment has been received but if n payment has been received then the system will send automated reminders to the client.

Reduce your costs using the inventory management tool

Many landlords outsource their inventory management at an extra cost. The inventory management tool can handle a range of tenancies including HMOs. It is also linked directly to your trouble ticketing feature so you know exactly which item in which property needs repairing or replacing.

Streamline your operations with the reporting feature

This is particularly useful if you let several properties. The dashboard will display useful stats about your rental properties, such as how many properties are tenanted, how many tenancies are expiring in a month, how many properties have been empty for more than a month etc.

Save time with the document repository feature

Upload your Gas and Electric Safety Certificated, Insurance Certificates, Tenant Deposit Protection certificates, TV license, Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements. These are then visible to your tenant via the Tenant Portal, without the need to print and display them in the property. When they need renewing you will receive an email reminder from Letgate.

Your tenants can report faults as they happen at any time of the day or night

With the simple-to-use Tenant Portal, your Tenants can log in and report faults against any item on the inventory or any part of the property. They can also communicate with you around rent payments, contracts, services or any other aspect of their letting. Whenever the Tenant reports an issue, it is simply added to your property Journal and highlighted to you via email and notification. The best part is, because it is fully integrated with your live inventory, all the details of the item are at fault are available to you online in the portal – including the history of past faults and communications.

Keep your Properties and Operation compliant

Legislation changes all the time, but the Letgate team works to ensure that Letgate is updated with the latest changes -helping to ensure that your properties, tenants and agreements all remain fit for purpose.


Letgate is simple to use and a step-by-step guide will walk you through the process but should you require assistance with uploading documents or data migration, our team are on hand to help.





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