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A recent survey conducted by East Midlands Property Owners (EMPO) suggests that over half of all landlords struggle to keep up to date with regulation.


Across the UK, there are over 100 Acts of Parliament and something like 400 regulations that govern the private-rented sector. Unless landlords who manage their own buy-to-let properties are prepared to keep themselves up-to-date with regulation they run a high risk of getting into trouble.


With the media obsessed with rogue landlords, the surest way to ensure you don’t inadvertently become one, ending up with a massive fine or hassle from tenants  taking you to court for not following proper process is to join EMPO, your local Landlords Association. 


Membership brings peace of mind and provides the right professional help and advice you need to ensure you are providing decent and safe homes to your tenants.




What do I get if I join NOW and how much does it cost?

  • A FREE advice helpline provided by hands-on Landlords
  • Highly competitive EMPO building insurance product
  • Tenancy agreements and full landlord/tenant document service 
  • Regular updates on local and central government regulation
  • Access to professional landlord training at discounted rates
  • Access to a dedicated Business Manager on call 6 days a week
  • FREE bi-monthly landlord magazine mailed to your address
  • A  range of money saving deals exclusive to EMPO landlords 

Membership fee is just £60.00 

Join TODAY and save the £20.00 joining fee

Call Giles Inman TODAY on 0755 264 2030 to take advantage of this great offer.

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