How to be a successful landlord

How to be a Successful Landlord – Our free essential landlord guide

We are excited to share our new essential landlord guide – How to be a Successful Landlord – with top insider tips for purchasing a buy-to-let property, finding the best mortgage provider, attracting and retaining great tenants and getting your property ready to let. What’s more we are offering this guide completely free of charge!


How to be a successful landlordThere is a lot more to being a landlord than simply collecting rent. There is the ever changing Government legislation, licensing, an array of government Deposit Schemes and local council specific rules that you will need to be aware of. Not to mention the time and effort required to manage and maintain the property.

In addition, you will need to decide whether you would like to go for a singly tenanted property (such as a family household) or an HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy – where there are > 2 unrelated tenants in the property, such as a student let).

HMO’s can have substantially higher margins but also bear in mind that they will almost always require more work, in both upkeep of a property, along with higher churn rate of tenants.

This step-by-step landlord guide provides a useful starting point for first time landlords, with useful insider tips that you won’t find in the government guidance documents. The guide is by no means exclusive and includes links to external guidance for further reading, where relevant.


To download your free PDF version of the Essential Guide to Be a Successful Landlord, simply enter your name and email address below and click on the link.




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